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    Not able to publish

    harpreet kaur

      When trying to publish using desktop getting below error:

      "Not enough permissions.

      Sorry, the project you were looking for does not exist, or  you do not have permissions to see that project."


      Its strange that all are permissions are valid and project is also there.

      I have checked that site role is publisher, project role is publisher where workbook permissions are controlled by project permissions.

      User member of the MT group responsible for granting publisher role.

      Few members in that MT group are receiving this error while others are able to publish successfully. This error is for a particular project only. Earlier the same users were able to publish.


      Is their something that I am missing that needs to be checked.


      I have ensured below:

      Error "You do not have permission to publish to this server" Publishing Workbook | Tableau Software


      Thanks in advance!!!

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Harpreet

          There are 2 things to confirm, which should allow the account to publish.

          1. The account has publisher permission (or above)

          2. If you look at the project permissions, confirm that the actual user permissions of the account itself has Save permission to the project.

          It sounds like there is a conflict of permissions, by membership of different groups.


          All the best


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            harpreet kaur

            Hi Glen,


            It have save permissions and for that particular group, user is member of only two groups, one grants viewer access and other publisher.

            We know tableau promote roles not demotes so I do not find that a reason.


            Thanks for looking into this.

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              Toby Erkson

              Please show us a screen shot of the permissions for the specific Project.  We should see the following:

              1)  Project level permission setting

              2)  Name of person who is having the issue

              3)  The user's actual permissions


              On the user's end, you visually make sure they are logged on to the correct Tableau Server, to the correct Site, in the correct Project.  We have seen before where the user mistakenly logs on to the wrong location so you need to verify this yourself visually, don't take the user's word for it.  Make sure there are no duplicate names or similarly named objects e.g. "My Project" versus "My Projekt" or "My Projects".  It happens.