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    Bullet chart with multiple reference lines?

    Siddharth Gosalia



      I am trying to create a bullet chart which should look as shown below:

      The orange bars are nothing but the same column (Annual Revenue) which has to be duplicated one below the other. According to the requirement, I need to create a reference line for Budget column on the top bar and another reference line for the Commit column on the bottom bar. So far, I was able to replicate the above chart but side by side (instead of one below the other). Here's a snapshot of what I have tried:


      When I tried to place them one below the other, I was able to put the bars for Annual Revenue one below the other but was not able to add two separate reference lines one for each bar. This is what I ended up with:


      Any help as to how can I replicate it exactly as shown in the original figure?


      I have attached the packaged workbook. Thanks!