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    Freeze values for specific date

    Frederico Mantelato

      Hi all;


      is there any way to keep previous values in Tableau?


      As I´m connecting to datasource, data should be changing all the time.

      In order to prepare my graph, I decided to compare data weekly, every Friday.

      It doesn´t work if I drag month, week, even day to row field, because the same value, as I said above, should change.


      I need to keep data 1 week as a range and freeze it for each specific period, as 08/04 thru 08/11, 08/11 thru 08/18, 08/18 thru 08/25 and then keep it as historical data, doesn´t matter if this value is higher or lower than next week, I need current value for each specific week. After each period was done. start a new one and go on.


      Let me know if I wasn´t clear.