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    What is the best method to have column Subtotals of a table calculated variable? (Help needed)

    hasan  prishtina

      Hi all,

      In the attached workbook I am trying to find the Subtotals of the calculated fields for each category. The calculated field is an "across table difference" calculation. Tableau calculates the current subtotals using the differences, not the sum of the column. Is there a way to manipulate Tableau into providing the right amount of subtotals for each category for that month? Thanks so much in advance!


      *Note: When Value shows no value (NULL) the product didn't exist for that month.

      **Note: The connection is going to be updated each month with a monthly report on each product, and this is an approach to automate the process of finding the subtotals for these categories. So thinking long term, any data duplication would be a stretch.