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    Calculate % of total, but exclude null from a related field

    P R

      Tableau 10.3 Mac


      I combined "customer satisfaction data" with raw help desk data. My raw data has an "ID" field. My customer satisfaction data has "ticket ID" field. There are a lot of blanks for "ticket ID" field for customer satisfaction. I can't do an inner join because I need all the data from the left table.


      Here is what I want to do:


      For the sheet named "Happy". I want to calculate % of total where the response was "happy" from all the possible responses. But only for the responses that dont have a blank "ticket ID". So exclude "blank" from "Ticket ID", then calculate % of total that is "happy" from that set of data.


      For sheet 9, I want to calculate "happy" the same way. Exclude blank "ticket ID" and calculate % happy over time from that data set.


      Attached is the workbook and excel file. You'll see in the excel file column AG, i filtered out the blanks.


      Thank you