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    Tableau Server 10.3.0 -  Server Status/Site Status Reports - intermittent failures

    Cem Akgun

      We have got Tableau Server version 10.3.0


      This error started to occur after we have upgraded to Tableau Server 10.3.0.

      In this version we are having issues of intermittent failures in Server Status / Site Status reports (e.g. Background Tasks for Extracts). The reports sometimes show the outputs and sometimes give the following error message about [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager].



      I think this is a an error related to connection to the Tableau's own PostgreSQL database but I am not sure. Would someone help me about this issue please?


      Is this a common issue that's resolved either with version 10.3.1 or 10.3.2 ?


      Thanks for your help in advance.