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    Incremental Refresh using Web Data Connector - not working

    ashwin shenoy

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I have an issue where the incremental refresh with WDC doesnt work as expected. I am using Date field as incrementColumn Id, and when the data is fetched the IncrementValue is always empty.

      Also I tried to use Id as incrementColumn for my test connector but saw that the data always gets overriden with new values and doesnt append the dataset.

      Below is my code

                     var refresh_cols = [

                          { id:"code_Id", alias:"Code_Id", dataType:tableau.dataTypeEnum.string },

                          { id:"request_Id", alias:"Request_Id", dataType:tableau.dataTypeEnum.int }                   


                      var increment_tableInfo = {

                          id : "IncrementReportData",

                          alias : "Increment Report Data",

                          columns : refresh_cols,

                         incrementColumnId: "Request_Id"




                                  var lastId = parseInt(table.incrementValue || -1);

                                  var data = resp[0].data

                                  var schema = resp[0].schema

                                  for (var i = 0, len = data.length; i < len; i++)


                                      var rowvalues = data[i];








      Any sample version of the working WDC would be helpful which shows in detail how to use the incrementColumn and incrementvalue for Date fields.


      I am using Tableau Desktop and Server version 10.2.1


      Thank You