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    Weighted Average Subtotals and Totals

    Dan Burrell

      Hi everyone.


      We have a weighted average % that we are working with.


      We are using Regional Subtotals and an overall Weighted Average (Grand Total)


      The Subtotals are present by region, and then overall.


      The aggregation appears to be averages. How can i check that these subtotals and grand totals make sense. The business user thinks that the average of the weighted averages carries no meaning.


      Could be a quick answer.



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          Jim Dehner

          Dan if I understand the question you have calculations that properly calculate a weighted average at the individual entity level (say state) and when you use Grand Total/Subtotal you are questioning what is being returned (i.e is it the average)

          When you use a calculated field combined with total or subtotal - the aggregated value represents the formula as applied to the total of the components -

          for example it is not the sum or average of the values in the column - it is what you would get by using the formula on the "Grand total/subtotal" value on the columns

          Hope that helps - it doesn't sound like it is the answer you wanted


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