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    How to use filter values in calculated field for dynamic calculation ?

    Niranjan Patil

      Hello All,


      I am very new to Tableau. I have been trying to do calculation using selected values from filter but there is no way to get those values in Tableau.


      Here is my calculated field where i am taking an average.


      A_count + B_Count + C_Count + D_Count + E_Count + F_Count / 6   ( values of A_count ,B_Count ,C_Count ,D_Count ,E_Count ,F_Count  are coming from other calculated fields)


      My filter is on values i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F (Filter type is multiple value(list) )


      My requirement is :


      when I select any of these values my calculation should change accordingly like below


      say I selected A, D and E then my calculation will be


      A_Count + D_Count + E_Count  / 3.    (selected values divided my number of selected values i.e. average)



      I am looking for logic like below


      If  select values = 'A' and select values = 'D' and select values = 'E'  then

            A_Count + D_Count + E_Count  / number of selected values end.



      I have tried using ATTR() and countd() function in Calculated field but it only works for single selection.


      countd() funtion gives me count of selected filter values but i am not able to get actual values tso i could't able to perform above calculation.



      I am really struggling to get this result. Please help on this.