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    Sudden table does not exist error with excel spreadsheet

    Nick Downs

      Hi, I've been using this tableau file for a while now in order to project daily baseball player performance.  I have all the data coming from an excel spreadsheet that I update daily with new stats.  I have had no issues for several months, but now out of nowhere every time I open the tableau file I get an invalid table name error and no data is able to be communicated from the source.  I checked the excel spreadsheet and the tables have not changed, with the exception of the daily statistics and matches which I either update manually or have connected to a live data source.  I tried updating to the latest version of tableau and even tried recreating the spreadsheet and swapping it in, but nothing seems to work.  This is the screen I get every time I try to open the file.  I've attached both the tableau file and the excel file.any solution would be greatly appreciated as I've worked very hard on this and it is frustrating to have to deal with an error like this.