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    If/Then/Else statement

    Jen McElroy

      I have data that is like this and I'm trying to create a calculated field to count the number of cases that have particular event codes.



      Case NumberEvent Code

      I tried:


          ([Event Cd] = '2002') THEN 1 ELSEIF

           ([Event Cd] = '3008') THEN 1 ELSEIF

           ([Event Cd] = '3003') THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      I also tried this:




          ([Event Cd] = '2002') OR

           ([Event Cd] = '3008') OR

           ([Event Cd] = '3003')

      THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      The problem that I have is that if the case has more than one of the values it's returning 2 or 3 -- how do I get it to just return the number 1 regardless of how many event codes match these three codes specified?

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          Jim Dehner


          could you share your workbook in a twbx format or at least some screen shots that show the way the data is shown on the screen -

          In your if statement and in the case statement the function only processes until it hits the first True value - so if the first test is True (ie. event code = 2002 the function will return a 1 and stop -


          I did note that in your second and third record the case number is the same - in processing those records the if function will return a 1 on the second record (3008) and a true on the third record (2002) so when you put the case id 125608 in the viz with a sum() aggregation it will total 2




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            Hari Chandan Reddy Maryada

            HI Jen,


            I think changing the calculated field to  Attribute instead of Sum() aggregation will fix your issue.

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              Jen McElroy

              Hi Jim,

              Yes, as a case moves through the process it could, in fact, have multiple event codes that match. I don't care, in this instance if that is true though. I thought it would just drop out of the IF/THEN/ELSE statement after the first true was discovered but apparently not?2017-08-18 11_35_59-Tableau - Friday - LS Bureau Monthly Stats.png


              Also... I'm not sure how to upload my twbx....

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                Jen McElroy

                When I changed it to ATTR it changed the value for the entire event code to 1 rather than counting each case separately.