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    tabcmd to refresh LIVE Dashboard

    Amit Naik


      I have a LIVE dashboard and the underlying data refreshes every minute.  However I see the timestamp updated only after i click the refresh link. The timestamp dosent update if i just refresh web browser.

      So is there a command tabcmd to refresh the page. Else if i try to save the output it saves the static (last available) screenshot.


      The thing is I need to pick the image every minute to show the latest timestamped page but in this case since the update dosent happen the page dosent show latest data.

      I think if I put a  tabcmd  in my script to refresh the page and then save the png then it shall save the report with latest timestamp.


      So any idea what tabcmd command to use to REFRESH the page ? Is it something like this ?


      Tabcmd get /views/customerservicedata/customerhandling.png?refresh=true -f customerhandling.png


      OR is there any setting at Tableau Server in Data Connections to Refresh for more than 1 min ?

      I think if we Select "Balanced" and keep refresh to 1 min then it shall suffice ... anyways do let me know ..