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    Dynamic offset in LookUp()


      Hi All,


      I facing a problem in LookUp() function.


      Basically, I have data something like this,



      I want a new field to be created, which will show the Speaker Address where Db Expense Category is 'Speaker Program' for each Meeting ID.

      I mean, I just want to get rid off 'Null' in my Speaker Address and want to replicate the Speaker Address which is for 'Speaker Program' DB Expense Category for each Meeting ID.


      I'm trying to do using INDEX() and LOOKUP() functions,


      LookUp function:


      But I'm not able to set the offset dynamically.


      That is when I use this field with table calculation, I get following output, because it is taking only FIRST Speaker Address (as I have used FIRST() function) and replicating in all rows in the pane.



      I want to make the offset ( FIRST() ) dynamic so that the offset will be the index of the row where Db Expense Category is 'Speaker Program' for every Meeting ID.


      Thanks in advance.