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    URL Options in URL Action filter

    K Chandler



      Despite searching online, I'm having difficulty finding anything that adequately explains what the URL options do in the URL Action filter. Can someone tell me:


      - what does 'URL Encode Data Values' do when the box is ticked?


      - what does the delimiter escape do when you have 'Allow Multiple Values' ticked?





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          Sankarmagesh Rajan



          • URL Encode Data Values - select this option if your data contains values that use characters that are not allowable in a URL. For example if one of your data values contains an ampersand, such as “Sales & Finance,” the ampersand must be translated into characters that your browser understands (URL encoded) if you want to include that value in the URL.
          • Allow Multiple Values - select this option if you are linking to a webpage that can take lists of values as parameters in the link. For example, say you select several products in a view and you want to see each product’s details hosted on a webpage. If the server can load multiple product details based on a list of identifiers (product ID or product name), you could use multi-select to send the list of identifiers as parameters.When you allow multiple values, you must also define the item delimiter, which is the character that separates each item in the list (for example, a comma). You must also define the Delimiter Escape, which is used if the delimiter character is used in a data value.



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