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    Capture difference in number of days between dates

    Xavier Conley


      I would like to be able to capture the difference in number of days between dates and then get the sum. I've attached a packaged workbook with a very simple sample of my data.


      For example:


      Test ID           Status                  Updated Date

      1                    Blocked                 9/1/2016

      2                    In Progress           9/2/2016

      1                    Passed                  9/4/2016 

      2                    Passed                   9/9/2016


      Test ID 1 spent 3 days in "Blocked" status (From 9/1 to 9/4)

      Test ID 2 spent 7 days "In progress"  (From 9/2 to 9/9)


      Now I need to use Tableau to calculate the number of days each Test ID spent in a particular status, then get the sum of number of days for each status. My desired view is in the packaged workbook.