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    How to create a moving average on a custom seasonal chart

    Ben Lucas

      Hi everyone,


      Help with the following query would be much appreciated


      I have a chart showing a time series presented seasonally, in this case I have the seasonal year running from October to October.  I also have a moving average calculated in using a regular WINDOW_AVG(SUM([Price]), -[MA], 0) function with [MA] as a control for the MA period. 


      Now, the issue is that the moving average doesn't calculate across the entire date range, only along the custom data range.  i.e. the MA value at the beginning of each custom year is not the 100 day MA but the value on the 1st October of that particular custom year.  The 100 day MA is not calculated correctly until we get to 100 days into the year.


      So is there a way I can see the MA calculated over the actual date range, but across the custom year windows?  It may be that i have to use completely different method to create the seasonal year..


      Many thanks.