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    Tableau server single license on multiple systesm

    Ram Ragi

      Hi ,


      Recently we purchased a Tableau server 10 users license and installed on a single machine. Our question is, can we use the same license use in multiple systems at a time(with Five users on one system server and another five users on another server).


      Please guide us on to use single license on multiple system at a time.



      Ram Charan Tej Ragi

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Ram,


          According to the EULA the license would allow for one Production and two non-Production environments.    Below is a link where you'd want to select the EULA option if you'd like to review it:


          Legal | Tableau Software


          Though as a bit of a time saver I do see the following snippet in section 3.3.1 for Non-Production environments


          You may use the Server Software in a technical environment and on the platforms and configurations specified in the Documentation, solely for internal

          development and testing in connection with your licensed Software,or for disaster recovery purposes (“Non-Production Environment”). Your installation, activation or use

          of a copy of the Software in a Non-Production Environment is limited to the same number of Authorized Users and/or permitted number of Cores and/or computers

          as provided under Section 3.1 above

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            John Kuo

            If you have interactor license (sounds like you do), there's no limitation on how many environments you can install. If you have server core license, 1 production and 2 non-prod environments per Mark's post above.

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              Toby Erkson

              You really should confirm with your sales rep.


              With the given info provided, yes you could use 5 user licenses on one machine and the other 5 on a different machine.  Again, please speak to your sales representative to confirm.

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                Russell Christopher

                Hey John! Long time. Hope you're doing well. 


                FYI, what you've written here is not correct. Even with an Interactor license, you can only install to a single prod environment and two non-prods. See section 3.3.2 of the EULA which makes no distinction between a core & interactor based system in terms of how many environments you can run.