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    Tableau Server Report Performance




      I am accessing our client's tableau server (10.2) reports on VPN. I have appended the tag, ":record_performance=yes" at the end of the report url. On my watch, it takes 25 seconds to load a report. However, when I click on the Performance stopwatch, it shows a total of just 2 seconds elapsed. Is there something I am missing here ? As per my understanding, the performance stopwatch should give the total time it took to load the report. Could someone please assist me further in getting the correct server performance timings.



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          Jeff Strauss

          you may want to download the performance recording and then remove any filters applied to see if this then correlates more so to your stop watch.

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            Sylvain Cogné

            Hello Depriyo,


            when using the record_Performance on Tableau Server you need to take following elements in consideration :


            - this does not count the rendering time of your network (which is arround 3 to 4 seconds). You can test the Rendering time of your System or ask your IT admin for a Speed test but lets assume that it will take about 3 seconds to render


            - If you already open the view before using the record_Performance, then your data are saved into the Caching Memory of Tableau Server and the second time you are going to open the view it is going to open faster. If you would like to test it without the Caching, make sur you Change the URL as following:


            Server Data Refresh

            In Server things are different. F5 (or ctrl-F5 or shift-F5) does NOT refresh your data. It only refreshes your browser window. This does not issue a new query to your database, or refresh the data after a data extract has been refreshed; at least not by itself.

            [Note: if after you first load the view into your browser, you edit the URL by adding  ?:refresh=yes then a F5 keystroke will refresh both your browser view and the data connection at the same time. (Make sure to delete the #1 at the end of your URL before adding the refresh parameter or it won’t work.)]


            - Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop are not working exactly the same regarding the Performance: when you open a view into a Tableau Desktop WB, Tableau is only going to load the metadata of this view and then ask for the corresponding data. When you open the same WB into Tableau Server and that you have it publish with all Tabs accessible, Tableau Server is going to load all metadata of the full WB before rendering anything. That is why if you have this Tabs option activated and lots of views inside your WB, it may takes some time to render...


            I hope it will help and if you are interrested, you can read the following document about how to improve the performance of Tableau WB : https://www.tableau.com/learn/whitepapers/designing-efficient-workbooks






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              Vivek Nayagam

              Hi Jeff,


              When I download the performance recording from server and remove filters on Event, I see lot of time used by event named 'Other'. Any idea what the 'Other' event is?




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                Jeff Strauss

                Not really.  "Other" is Tableau internal processing that I don't think they've yet split out into specific categories because usually the time isn't significant.  But if you want to get a bit more insights, then you can drag "Event Name" onto the shelf and it will provide more detail into some of the specifics, still though it's a bit difficult / impossible to decipher.

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                  Vivek Nayagam

                  Thanks for the details. The 'Other'  events are taking more than 120 seconds in the workbook while the 'Building View' event takes only 16 seconds. 'Event Name' field is also not understandable.



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                    Jeff Strauss

                    Vivek.  Be careful in how you interpret the other detail lines as there are overlapping combination of summary and detail lines.