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    Same data source won't filter same data

    Joshua Zakas

      Hello all,


      I'm hoping you can help.




      I'm working in Tableau 10 and on a dashboard, I have 2 worksheets. One created a line chart and the other a waffle chart.  Both use the same data source in their graphs, but on the line chart it is the primary data source and on the waffle chart it is the secondary data source.




      The waffle chart has to have an excel sheet as the primary data source as it sets up the 10 x 10 that is required for a waffle chart. This can not be done unless it is the primary data source.  Thus, the main data source where I'm getting the metrics from, becomes my secondary data source for this chart.


      When I take, say Region, and put it as a filter on either of the graphs, that same data which fuels Region on the other graph is not recognized as similar data, and thus there is no relationship and it will not let me have 1 filter for both worksheets.


      I'm hoping this makes sense, since I don't have a packaged workbook I can put on here.


      What I want to know:


      Can you connect these filters, which are coming from the same data source, without using a Parameter?


      Thanks for the help!!