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    Chinese type font rendering problem when downloading image from Tableau Sever

    ellic lee

      HI, all


      When I downloaded the dashboard, using the image format, I got the font rendering problem.



      1. Tableau Desktop 10.2.3 For Mac

      2. Tableau Sever 10.3

      3. Using Chinese version


      I change the font family to 'Noto Sans CJK SC' in my workbook :



      Besides, I had install the  'Noto Sans CJK SC' font family in  Windows Server which is running the Tableau Sever.


      It comes to web browser rendering when I visit the http://tableau.mywebsite.com, everything goes in the right way:



      After I downloaded the workbook image, I got the font rendering problem:



      So I am wondering how can I configure the Tableau Sever to render font type in the right way.


      Thanks in advance.