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    How to draw the paths between two different country by postal code level on the map using Tableau generated Latitude & Longitude?

    ZoEy Xu

      Hi All,


      I am using the latitude and longitude generated by Tableau because I don't have this information in my original data source (live connected to our database). As shown on the map1, if the both origin point and destination point are within the same country (such as US in this case), the paths are showing on the map. However if the origin point and destination point are in two different countries, the path not show at all even though the both points are recognized by Tableau.


      For example, the path ID "US 53177 - FR 33270". The start point and end point are both recognized by tableau but it doesn't draw a path at all.


      To solve this issue temperately, I copy the latitude & longitude from the Tableau worksheet and pasted to a excel spreadsheet. This leave me no choice but export my data from our database to excel spreadsheet and filled up the latitude&longitude that I copied from Tableau. That's why you see I have a latitude & longitude columns here in the data source.(As shown in the Map2)



      The Longitude and Latitude in the Map2 were retrieved by copy and paste the data from Tableau to a excel spread sheet. Then I use the spread sheet as data source to create the map. Yes! The paths show up between different country based on the postal code level.


      But this is not what I am looking for. I need a permanent solution! I am doing this network map using the data pulled through the live connection from our database using custom SQL query in Tableau desktop. I can not doing this temporary solution on a daily base. I want this to be automatically updated instead of manually retrieve the latitude and longitude to a spreadsheet from Tableau and let workbook connect to it. Because it lose the point of Database live connection and scheduled refresh extract, let alone it requires extra manpower!!


      I have attached an sample workbook regarding this issue.

      How to fix the issue in the Map1? Please advice if you know the solution. Thank you very much!