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    How can I create a filter for a filter?

    Winston Underwood

      I have a file with employees and for each employee it lists which department they are in:

      EmployeeOrg Level 1Org Level 2Org Level 3Org Level 4
      John SmithFixed income analyticsFixed incomeInvestmentsFinance
      Katie JohnsonProduct pricing analyticsPricing analyticsProduct servicesMarketing


      Instead of having a different filter for each Org level, I want a way to filter the filter, for example the first filter would be:

      Filter Level


      Org Level 1
      Org Level 2
      Org Level 3
      Org Level 4

      And depending on the selection on that filter, the filter below would be the actual filter on that level. So if you select 'Employee' the filter below would be a dropdown of all employees. If it is 'Org Level 1' the filter would be a dropdown of all Org Level 1 options. How can I do this?

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          Ben Neville

          Create a parameter and set it to text. Just enter your above values, and you only need a single calculation that looks something like:


          CASE [Parameter You Created]

          WHEN 'Employee' THEN [Employee]

          WHEN 'Org Level 1' THEN [Org Level 1]

          WHEN 'Org Level 2' THEN [Org Level 2]

          WHEN 'Org Level 3' THEN [Org Level 3]

          WHEN 'Org Level 4' THEN [Org Level 4]



          You're just turning a string input into a different field output. Add this field as a filter (and show the filter), and it should function exactly as you wanted. The user selects the level from the parameter, and the values in the filter update automatically.