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    Cumulative Column subtotals in Tableau - Help Needed

    Durga Patsa

      Hi All,


      I was asked to build a report to calculate the cumulative subtotals based on their groupings. Please look at the below table and kindly let me know if this kind of calculation is possible in Tableau.





      Function GroupSalesGroupingComments
      North AmericaLegal Cost100G1
      Operation Cost23G1
      Maintenance Cost23G1
      Total146 Sum of all G1's
      Selling Costs45G2
      Plumbing Costs12G2
      Total203 sum of G1's &
      Cutter Cost34G3
      Procurement Cost56G3
      America Cost67G3
      Pipeline Costs87G3
      Total447 sum of G1's , G2's
        & G3's
      Management Cost556G4
      Total1003 Sum of all groups