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    Overdue Customers

    Jason Kleinhans

      Good day all


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      I have a view to calculate all customers that are 60 days and over , however I also have customers that is 2 days , 5 days 20 days overdue in the same view which should not be listed in the 60 days overdue view. The customer should only appear when it is 60 days and over

      my calculation I have used is


      IF DATEDIFF('day', ([Due Date]), TODAY()) > (IFNULL([Suspension Period],60)) THEN "Suspended" // Customers will be suspended if they reach 60 days which is there cut off

      ELSEIF DATEDIFF('day', [Due Date], TODAY()) > (IFNULL([Suspension Period],60))-7 THEN "One week before suspension"  // Customers that is one week before they get suspended