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    URL action


      I have a dashboard with multiple sheets with filters, published with "Show Sheets as Tab" checked.  I am trying to create URL action to a tab.  Target tab has same filters as sheets in main dashboard.  How do I pass the selected filter value?  In my previous implementations I had parameter that used to drive the filters;  http:.......&Arg1=<FilterName>.  I tried doing the same way,  and got message -Missing fields on Dashboard1


      In Attached workbook:

      Dashboard:  Dashboard1

      Action on Sheet3 to go to Sheet2 and set filter on Department

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          Pamela Chandra

          Hi Arun,


          If I understand your question correctly your objective could be simply achieved using Filter > Apply to Worksheet > Selected Worksheet option. You could do this in a dashboard or in a worksheet , the result will be same regardless. Filter selection in one sheet will control the same filter present in others. Follow these steps and  refer the attachment


          1. Pull in the worksheet 1 and 2 in dash (Dashboard2).

          2. Click on filter dropdown and select as shown here.

          3. A window will open where you need to select sheets you want to control using this filter.  And click OK.

          4. When you publish and want to control filter in tabs from one of the tab, you can do so after the above set up.


          Let me know if this helps.


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            Hello Pamela,


            Yep that completely makes sense.  And filters works well when they are setup across all the worksheet.  However, user wants to view Sheet2 as another window (so I used hyperlink action) when clicking Sheet3 (which is Click me).  Then I loose the filters set in Sheet1.  I was able to make it work when filters are implemented as parameters.  But when creating URL action, I cannot pass Department value which if filter in Sheet3. 


            Thank you.