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    Calculation to sum counts of values from two columns

    Jerimiah Kent

      Admittedly I find the calculations in Tableau at times perplexing because something that I think should be easy seems to be difficult. I think the my roadblock is that I don't understand how the partitioning works. Here is what I am trying to do, I have values in two columns and I want a combined count of the number of items in Column 1 and Column 2. I can get the counts accurately when I do COUNT of each column but when I try to sum things I don't get the numbers I expect. I have created a sample workbook in Tableau 9.3.


      On my Primary Correct and Secondary Correct sheets these each have the correct counts and obviously on the Primary Incorrect and Secondary Incorrect the counts are not right. On the incorrect sheets I am not 100% sure what is causing them to be incorrect. I understand that using the Primary Issue and Secondary Issue as the Row will result in different display values such as NULL being shown but why is this changing my counts? Based on the Summary on the Total Counts page the total number of records is correct however the line items are not.


      How can I get the right counts combined into a single view?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.