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    Add Background Image to heat map

    Daragh Scullion



      I want to create a heat map in Tableau and add a background image to the heat map. Essentially, I want to create a heat map of a soccer player movement across the field during the course of a game. I've created the following using Tableau Public


      Tableau Public


      I'm using dummy data as a proof of concept for this idea. I've limited the x & y axis from 0 to 15, randomly generated the data, created a pivot and reshaped the data using the Tableau reshaper add-in to get it in a usable format.


      I can create the heat map the way I want to. However, I cannot get the background image to display the way I need it to. The data will display in a heat map when the x & y co ordinates are set to dimensions but this will not allow me to use the Map > Background Images as it needs data to be measures.


      Does anyone know of an easier way to display the heatmap in the format on the "Heatmap Example" tab with the background image also. I'm not sure if it's an issue with how I have arranged the data or if there's a work around to adding the image.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.