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    LOD fixing dimensions

    Mads Plesner



      I'm struggling with a problem, that some of you might know the answer to


      The rows in my data are trips between cities with a vehicle id. The trips have no unique id. I  need to calculate the first (calc 1A) and the latest city(calc 1B) of these trips for each vehicle to each row. Using "fixed", "max/min" and "datediff" I can identify rows(trips) with the first and latest city for each vehicle, but I can't figure out how to "fixe" the first city and latest city dimension to all rows with the same vehicle ID.


      secondly I need to calculate a trip numer/order based on the dates, so that I can see filter on fx the cehicles 3rd trip.



        Fixed dimensions problem.JPG


      Wim Kegels you've been brilliant before - you might have an idea