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    Export charts from multiple worksheets into body of email in outlook

    Amitabh Bhargava

      I have a tableau workbook with macroeconomic data that is updated daily from Bloomberg. Each data series is used to create a line chart on a worksheet within the tableau workbook. So there are about 8 such tableau sheet tabs corresponding to 8 data time series. Eventually I need to send an email to my audience that has some commentary at top and sequence of each of those 8 charts pasted as pictures in body of that email one beneath another. As of now, after tableau file is updated- I print active sheets to pdf using File -> Print to PDF. The pdf file I get is 8 page file with one chart on each page. I need to manually copy paste each image from each page of pdf document into body of email. Lastly I need to scale the image manually to make it look good on smartphones.  It will be ideal for me if Tableau directly exports all 8 charts into one single image or pdf file one below the other that I could copy paste in body of email with one click. I tried putting charts into a dashboard and then exporting that dashboard tab. However it is difficult to put more than 4 charts on a single dashboard tab (two on top and two on bottom) and formatting of charts becomes messy as they are compressed in dimensions. Moreover I want all eight one below each other and not as two's in each row as otherwise I will anyway need to manually copy paste them.  I wonder whether there is a way to manage dimensions of dashboard  Looking for suggestions on how this could be made more efficient.