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    Ignore Dashboard Action Filters for Certain Filter Values?

    Iulia Stefan



      I have a dashboard in which I would like to enable users to use the data in one chart to filter a different chart on the page. The issue is that Chart 1 comes from a different data source than Chart 2, and while both data sources contain the same fields, the values inside those fields can be different. For example: the data source behind Chart 1 has the 'Country' field, with values: ALL, US, UK, etc. The 'Country' field in the data source behind Chart 2 does NOT have the ALL value - so when I filter on Country = ALL from Chart 1, Chart 2 becomes null since it is not finding the ALL value in the underlying data. My question is, would it be possible to specify that the filter action should only be passed through if the value in Chart 1 is NOT = ALL (i.e., ignore the filter action on 'Country' for certain values)?


      Thank you in advance for the help,