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    Sales bridge chart in Tableau

    Pepijn Meeuwissen



      I want to build a sales bridge in Tableau based on transactional data. So far, I have found one workaround in Tableau that requires duplicating the dataset seven times before connecting it to Tableau. Duplicating the dataset seven times comes from the seven bridge items (sales previous year, price, volume, combination, new, discontinued and sales current year) that I want to include in the bridge. This is very inconvenient when working with large dataset as it becomes very large quite quickly.  


      This is the sales bridge that I want to create:

      The transactional data has the following structure:

      Ideally I would like to calculate the price, volume, combination, new and discontinued effect per product per year in Tableau based on the transactional data. However, it seems that you can't use functions similar to SUMIFS( [ Sales] , [Product] = Product x, [Year] = year x) statements in Tableau to calculate these measures. Therefore, I've aggregated sales and volume for each product per year before connecting it to Tableau in the following way: 


      This allows me to calculate the bridge items (price, volume, etc.) per row, but still requires me to duplicate this dataset 7 times before I am able to build the following bridge chart in Tableau:



      Can anyone think of another solution to build a similar sales bridge without duplicating the data multiple times?