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    join table in tableau with my cassandra data source

    anil saini

      Hi All,


      I have Cassandra as my data source, I want to join 2 tables in Tableau,


      for this, I am connecting via ODBC driver

      my connection is well established and able to view key-spaces and tables.


      My concern is I want to join two tableau of cassandra in tableau.


      I need to understand when we join(with any DS) in tableau, a query is generated and tableau passes that query to Database and that query executed at database and gives us the output.

      Ques 1: Am i said right in above statement?


      If yes than help me understand.

      In NoSQL db's like cassandra we cannot perform join operation. so how that join will happen in tableau as join query is fired at cassandra


      but this article (click here) says that we can join cassandra table in tableau.


      So how that join will work?? how that query will work??? I want to understand the flow of the execution of query from tableau to cassandra.