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    Masking dimension names accross columns


      I've created a workbook that allows me to compare sales by sub-category.  I use a parameter and filters to select the sub-categories used in the analysis.

      The idea is to always show the actual name of the primary sub-category but mask the names of the other sub-categories.


      Step 1 Shows the method I'm using to mask the sub-category names while keeping the actual name of the primary.

      Each sub-category is assigned a 'masked name' referred to as "Display Name".  I use the index function to count the Peer Sub-Categories and display the value for each masked name (but not the primary sub category on the first row.)  The 'sort' field randomizes the row position of all the sub-categories except the primary one.  This allows me to refer to specific masked sub-categories as "Peer #1, #2, etc."


      Step 2 hides the unused fields and shows sales by month and year.


      Sheet 4: The problem I'm running into comes when I try to turn the table on step 2 into a chart.  I'm losing the Display Peer Count number.

      I'm pretty sure the problem comes from the index table calc.  I've tried to change this to compute using different dimensions, but I'm not getting the results I'm looking for.


      How can I modify either the "peer number source" or "display peer number" so that I'll get the the same display peer number shown on the table?


      Thank you for the help.