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    Classroom (interval) scheduling problem modify greedy algorithm to optimize #classes/classroom/day

    Karen Hignett

      I have a list of courses with a unique id in rows. The courses already have a schedule with assigned rooms in various buildings. Eight classrooms in a new building have become available and I need to maximize the number of the existing courses scheduled in the new classrooms for each weekday. Each course has a start time and end time and day of the week. For each day of the week I would like to find the course with the earliest end time, then compare that end time to other classes to see if it's earlier than the start time of next class. So, ENDTIME(course1)<=STARTTIME(course2,3,4....n). The first true is added to schedule, else null. Then find next earliest end time course, repeat comparison to other course start times, add to schedule or null...until schedule is filled and all classes have been added or ruled out. Attached is the workbook.