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    Noob drooling over Viz of the week, need help copying idea

    Melissa Fanucci

      Hi everyone! I saw this viz today: Internet coverage across the globe | Tableau Public and just about lost my sh*t, I love small multiples, and it's so awesome. I started having fantasies of displaying my monthly border crossing wait time data in a similar format, with the rows showing years (2007 - 2016) and the columns showing each month.


      Of course, being completely sucky at Tableau at this point, this is pretty much impossible for me to figure out how to make this happen on my own.

      So I'm looking for an end product dashboard like this:



      using the data in the attached workbook (ports of entry, border wait time delay averages by hour, broken by month). Anyone have a few minutes to help me figure out how they created the majesty of that viz and make it work in my example? Thanks in advance for any responses.