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    Passing TABLE Calculated Result Values from One Data Source to Another

    Matthew Mensch



      Is there a way to have a TABLE calculation with filters on it passed to a secondary data source without adding those filters onto the new sheet?



      Equation1 (using Datasource1) : calculates a + b = c with filters d & e.

      Equation2 (using Datasource 2): Calculates c + x with filters y & z.


      I can't seem to get this to work correctly because "c" does not give me the same value in Equation 2 as it does in Equation 1 due to not having the filters d & e on the worksheet. Additionally, If I add filters d & e to the same worksheet with y & z, I do not get ANY VALUE because it is not meeting both filtering criteria.


      In Excel, I can simply reference a single cell, but in Tableau it does not seem to be that easy.


      Is there a workaround for this?



      Using Tableau 10.1.


      Edited: These are table calculations.


      Added workbook to demonstrate my issue... Thanks!