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    Adding shapes over a bar chart

    Abhiroop Verma

      Hey everyone,


      I'm working with data which has two columns, one for dates, and one for a value for an event associated with that date (I've attached an excel spreadsheet to clear things up).


      So far, I've created a bar chart which shows the date and the values associated with those dates. Now, there are some dates which have multiple events, so I've split those bars up with different colors to reflect the different values for the different events. In the screenshot, there are also circles which indicate the number of events in a day. Now for the days which have more than 1 event, I wish to have a dot or any shape over the bars which have been split up, so that the user can see which date has multiple events. Is there any way to do that? Again, it's ONLY for the days which have multiple events.


      Here's another screenshot. The arrows are pointing towards what I need. I have Tableau version 10.2.