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    Blending aggregated fields

    David Recuero Guerra

      Hi everyone,


      Please refer to the attached workbook. In tab 1, I have two data sources. The main data source (All Balances) gives me the balances of some loans, whereas the secondary data source (Arrears extract) tells me whether the loan is in ''Good'' or ''Bad Status'' based on a field called ''Status'', which I use in the main data source as a blended field. This works perfectly in tab 1, because the level of detail of the view broken down by loan number works well with the blended field..


      However, in tab 2 I'd like to show the same information on an aggregated level without the breakdown by loan. When I use the same blended field, data is aggregated and all loans are shown as "Bad'' loans, so the blending does not work properly. Data in tab 1 and tab 2 should be exactly the same, only the level of detail of the view changes.


      Please let me know if you can find a way to fix the view in tab 2.


      Thanks a lot in advance.





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          Tableau calculates calculation based on the fields available on worksheets.  In you sheet one, you have loan number (group)  on the sheet. So it does the calculation using that and status field return you both Good and Bad.

          While on sheet 2, you don't have loan number. So without loan number in query/ worksheet. everything comes under Bad status, according to your calculation.

          Now either you bring loan number column to detail mark in sheet 2 OR create a calculation including loan number in the calculation.

          Please see status2 column in attached sheet.


          I hope this helps.

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            David Recuero Guerra

            Hi Arvindgarg,


            Thank you for your answer. The problem when I bring the loan number to detail mark is that I cannot group the loans by Good/Bad within the bar chart, and I end up with something like this, which is not very helpful since I don't see together oranges and blues.



            I checked your calculation status2, and I found some inconsistencies. I chose a specific loan number and checked the formula if  [Fixed amount] > 50000  then 'Bad' ELSE 'Good' END .

            It looks like the Status2 column is not giving me the expected output for the months November 15-April 16, which should be ''Good''



            Please find attached the workbook. Let me know if you can find another way to achieve the desired result.


            Thank you again for your help.



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              David Recuero Guerra

              Hi Arvindgarg,


              Any ideas on this topic?


              Thank you very much,



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                Hi David


                The second screen shot ( table), you provided, has loan number on the sheet. So it is being used in calculated and it gives good and bad for status.  While it is not the case on sheet 2. If you add it on the sheet 2, We are getting grouping issue on the bars.

                Data blending has some limitations, You might want to try regular database joins (Left join) then blending.


                I looked into this other day Since there are few calculations. I don't know data exactly. I was not able to come to any conclusion in the limited time, I had.

                But First i will try to bring loan number column somehow to sheet OR I will try database joins in place of blending. If these don't work, I will look something else.

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                  David Recuero Guerra

                  Thanks a lot. I tried with the join and it didn't work very well for me. Please use best the second workbook attached for your calculations, it is the most updated.


                  Thank you,