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    How to format a sheet directly in the middle of a container

    Thomas Karbe

      I have several Layout Containers on the top of my Dashboard for KPIS. I would like to add a sheet to each layout container and have it automatically place the value in the middle of the container.

      Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.48.09.png

      Here you can see I would like the text Users and 5000 to be displayed exactly in the middle. Even though I have set the formatting to central and the sheet to entire view, it is only central of the first column, and not of the entire Sheet/

      Layout container. Of course I could drag this column to the end of the layout container manually and it would be centralised, but I want it to be dynamic, so that whenever the container changes

      size the Text will be centralised. Does anyone know how to do this?