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    How to get different color for a dimension in single view at a time when dimension is having more than 20 value?

    Gaurav Balyan

      Hi All,


      I have one scenario where i need different color for a dimension (say:Supplier Name) in a view.I have 2 sheet connected by action.1st sheet is having all the part number and 2nd sheet is having supplier name (Supplier name is in color legend) with some more details regarding suppliers.So when i click on any part number in sheet 1st it will take me to 2nd sheet which will be having its supplier name and many time i found one part number is having 6 to 7 supplier. So is there any possible way to get unique color for each supplier(in sheet 2) each time whenever i select any part number from sheet 1st. (Altogether supplier is more than 500)


      Problem is sometime for a part number out of 6 supplier, 2 or 3 supplier is having same color which will create confusion in view since different supplier is representing by same color.


      Any help will be appreciated in this regard.


      PFA for sample workbook.