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    need help pulling out a  lenth of words from a long lenth of text

    Imran Azam

      Hi guys


      I need to create a calculation field that would pick out the text between first dash ( / )and the second  full stop (.) ( so after the first dash and before the second full stop)


      I have a long list of text and for each one I need to pull out a certain length as shown below


      for example


      from: /aa/aaas3/9/ROOT/testing.worksheet.2.1-1-89876532145615263  I want to a calculation field that would get this:  testing.worksheet.7.2


      The mid function  wont work as all the texts  length is different , I can only define the search by the fifth dash and  before the second .


      can anyone help


      if I don't make any sense I am sorry