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    Dual Axis Map Error

    Fraser Burnand

      Hi All,


      The workbook I am working on is attached (dual axis map error.twbx)


      Am trying to create one map showing both a heat map (sheet 2) and point map (sheet 3). I have tried to create it using dual axis (sheet 1).


      The map seems to disappear when I use dual axis. I am having trouble understanding what I'm doing wrong for sheet 1, even after adjusting the dimensions and dual axis issue.


      Just to be clear I am trying to create 1 map which combines:

      - a heat map (sheet 2)

      - a location point map (sheet 3)

      - however whenever I try to do this using dual axis the map background disappears (as in sheet 1)


      I expect that it is a small error - but it has taken me HOURS of work already!


      All help appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          See the attached


          It this what you wanted - you had duplicated both the long and lat -

          Try doing only the long - it did take some playing with the filled map/circles and colors to get it to show up

          Let me know if this worked




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            Fraser Burnand

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for getting back to me so fast


            The map we are trying to create shows:

            - the dots on sheet 3 and

            - the heat map on sheet 2

            - both overlayed on the same map.



            After following your advice, I could only manage to create a heat map with one dot for each country (The same in your example above).


            Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.



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              Jim Dehner

              I suggest you contact Kent Marten at Tableau - he is the Maps Product Manager

              Good Luck


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                Sarah Battersby

                Hi Fraser - it seems like you are running into the problem that latitude(generated) and longitude(generated) don't like to play with non-generated latitude and longitude.  There are still some things you can try to get these datasets to work together nicely in a dual axis maps. 


                I wrote a blog post on Dual Axis Mapping - Many Ways that might help you out. Take a look at the section on spatial file + csv.  Since spatial files use generated latitude and longitude (just like when you use Tableau geocoding data), you should be able to use the same trick to combine your country polygons with your point data. 


                I wasn't able to pull out the individual files that you used to make the TWBX that you attached (I wanted to start from scratch so that I could possibly change how you're joining things together), so if you have problems with the method in the post that I linked let me know, send me the original csv or Excel files that you were working with, and I'll see if I can figure out a way to make it work.



                Tableau Research

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                  Fraser Burnand

                  Hi Jim,


                  Will do. Thanks again for your help.



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                    Fraser Burnand

                    Hi Sarah,


                    I've had a read of the article that you kindly sent through and unfortunately am still struggling! Attached are the excel files that I've been having problems with.


                    Really appreciate your quick response and continued support.



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                      Sarah Battersby

                      Hi Fraser,


                      I took a look at your files this morning and put together a quick dual axis map so that you can see how it works.  One special thing that I had to do (in addition to going through the instructions in the blog post that I linked earlier) was to swap the header on your latitude and longitude fields.  It seemed that you had your longitudes in the latitude field and your latitudes in the longitude field on the files that you attached




                      Tableau Research