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    Bar Chart: group comparison on a monthly basis

    Alex France

      Hello.  I am new to Tableau and I want to create a bar chart that allows me to view groups side-by-side over a number of months. Also, I would like to have the month appear even if there is no data for any groups during that month.


      From what I read in the forums I can show groups side-by-side if the date is converted to a "discrete" value. If I do that, however, then months which have no value will not show up in the bar chart. If I want to ensure months show up in the bar chart even though there is no data for the groups I can convert the date to "continuous". If I do that, however, groups no longer share the same monthly axis and are no longer side-by-side. So, now I am back to where I started.




      It would seem that if I can just move the green pill before the blue pill my problem would be solved but it doesn't seem to let me. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.