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    Table Calc on a Table Calc

    Brian Purcell



      I'm trying to perform a table calc on a field that is a table calc.  I have our industry and company units for a specific period.  I've used a percent of table calc


      ZN(SUM([Units])) / LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Units])), -1)


      The problem is I need to run another calc that would display YOY change.  I can create a sample data set if this would help.  Thanks.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Brain,


          Table calc is really table dependent and it's impossible to provide answer without actual data.

          Please attach packaged workbook with sample data.





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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Brian


            Yes you can - not exactly sure it you just wanted a net diff or a % on the % but see the attached

            the difference is           LOOKUP(([change %]),0) - LOOKUP(([change %]),-1)    from the change percent

            making that a % is      (LOOKUP(([change %]),0) - LOOKUP(([change %]),-1))/LOOKUP(([change %]),0)


            Let me know if that helped




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