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    Preparing Master Data Table

    arpit srivastava

      I need to prepare a master table that contains these things:

      1. Daily Sales of the Employees

      2. Daily calls(efforts) of the Sales employees

      3. Monthly cost on the Employees(like salary and perks)


      This will help me create the Revenue reports, Performance reports, Profit and Loss of the entire Organisation (Profit Per Employee also).


      But the issue I am facing is how to arrange data so that this is achieved in one table.

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          T G

          Hello Arpit,


          I hope this could help you. Join Your Data


          Else, please share sample data to help you better.



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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning


            There are a couple of ways you can do this - the common element in you data is the employee -so you would have the Emp_ID in each of your tables

            you could use 2 or 3 data sources

            Sales data

                 Emp_ID          Date     Sales     and columns for other information that you might need like Customer Number


            Call data (this could just be a column in the Sales data table or a separate table

                 Emp_ID     Date     Customer Number


            Monthly expenses    

                 Emp_ID     Date (use a full date )      Category (like salary, travel, etc.)           Amount     Possible G/L account if you do that in your business


            You then load them into Tableau and join them together on Emp_Number


            Let me know if this helps