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    Dividers in Dashboard

    Christopher Hastings

      Hello all - new to Tableau, running 10.2


      I've created sheets, and when I go to pull them together on a dashboard, there is a border around each new sheet. How do I remove it so there is no space between the boxes? In this case, I want their to be a black border when I go to preview it or am in the design mode.


      I am using a tiled layout. Screenshots attached of the problem, and possible settings that need to be adjusted. Can't share a workbook, or I would.


      What I've done:

      • Checked borders for each pages

      • Checked borders for the dashboard

      • Grumbled significantly

      • Googled things


      Thank you for your help!


      EDIT: Solved it! But posting in case someone else has the same issue.


      In the Dashboard, in the Layout tab - right click on different containers until you find the right one that you can format. Your borders disappear!


      See added screenshot.