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    Tableau Server 10.0 configure "tabsvc.yml"

    Ann Hadad

      Hi guys,

      I must to execute a silent installation from Tableau Server 10.0 in order to configure "tabsvc.yml" (C:/ProgramData/Tableau/Tableau Server/config/tabsvc.yml) file to set "User Authentication" as Active Directory.

      In Tableau Server 10.1 it is known that we can use this flag /CUSTOMCONFIG and point to that file "tabsvc.yml" already configured, for e.g.:

      TableauServer-64bit-10-0-0.exe /VERYSILENT /DIR="C:<\\Program Files\\Tableau\\Tableau> Server" /ACCEPTEULA /CUSTOMCONFIG="C:/temp_folder/tabsvc.yml"


      Could you please give me your advice, if there are a way in order to automate the same situation for Tableau Server 10.0? What would be the steps to follow?


      Thanks in advance.