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    Live DB conn: Tableau idles ~3 seconds between datasource connection and first query

    Thomas Mueller

      Hi all,


      We are using Tableau with a live database (Vertica) connection.


      To improve dashboard performance, we regularly use the nice Performance Recording feature from Tableau.


      In the performance reports, we _always_ see a time gap of ~3 seconds between the two events:
      - datasource connection has been established

      - first query is issued.


      I attached a screenshot that visualizes what I mean. First, a datasource connection is created, then Tableau is doing nothing for 3 seconds, then it starts running the actual queries.


      This behavior does not really help to provide live dashboards that should show data in a timely manner.


      My questions:

      • What is happening here?
      • How to prevent this?


      Thank you for your input and help in advance!