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    Combine multiple dimensions

    Morgan Sutherland

      I have a sales table that has 2 sales commission columns (as sales can have up to 2 different sales people).  I want to show a sales report that has rows of all possible sales people and shows the total sales for that salesperson whether it was as SalesPerson1 or SalesPerson2.  I don't want it to list people twice.  Having a hard time with this one.


      I can make a separate data source that just has the list of possible salespersons, but I can only give it a relationship with one column or the other.  It won't let me map it to both.

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          Laura Record

          Hi Morgan,


          Would you please post a .TWBX with your sample data?  This kind of issue is difficult to troubleshoot without information about exactly what's in each column and the overall structure of your data.


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            Morgan Sutherland



            Here is a workbook with some sample data.

            We have brokers that get commissions based on a corporate account, and then brokers that get commission based on to which distribution center for that account a particular order is shipped.  Sometimes broker A has a corporate account and broker B has the individual part, and then for another sale, broker B may have the corporate account and broker C has the individual part.  I want a report for all sales that broker A had a part in, regardless if it was as the corporate account broker (SP1 in the test sheet), or as the regional broker (SP2 in the test sheet).

            This would entail customers and specific orders being duplicated in the report, but that's fine because the report is meant to compare a specific broker to their past performance, not to each other.  We will have a master report that shows everyone, and each broker will get a report filtered down to themselves.


            Does this help?