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    Display label in graph even with no data

    Prasenjit Datta

      Hello Tableau Community,


      Please see the sheet 'Part Label' in the attached workbook.


      1. I wish to visualize both week for every part ID. I know that for some parts, there is no data for week 21 or vice versa. Even though is it possible to display both week to maintain consistency of the graph.

      2. When I add action to Supplier worksheet, so that when I select a particular supplier it shows me corresponding top 10 parts in the Part label worksheet. However, it only shows for that week only, not both week. Is it possible that I select only one week in Supplier worksheet, but get display of both worksheet in Part label display.


      Thank You

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          Matt Lutton

          I am struggling to follow your description -- I see no dashboard, so did you just use worksheet actions?  If so, what sheets were actions added to, as I see none on the "Supplier Level" sheet, and you said the "Supplier" sheet had an action on it.  I see no sheet named "Supplier" so the description has me confused.


          Actions are much easier to build once you have a dashboard -- can you describe the end result you are looking for, and perhaps include a mockup/screenshot of your expected results?



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            Matt Lutton

            I also recommend only including the sheets you need in the workbook you post, and hide any fields you are not using so they don't take up so much of the data pane (this will also reduce the overall size of your .TWBX file, as it currently takes a while to download)


            It'll be easier to help once I know which sheets (use the actual names of the sheets/tabs in the workbook) are the focus here, and what your expected results would look like inside Tableau.


            I'm happy to help, but need a bit more detail -- happy visualizing!

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              Prasenjit Datta

              Hello Matt,


              Thank you for replying. I apologize for not making my questions clear. So, I am attaching the file again. There are two things that I need to learn-


              1. In the 'top 10 parts' worksheet, there are some parts which are not in week 20 in data source, but listed in week 21. So, when I created this graph, the part shows bar graph only for week 21. I want to make my graph consistent, which mean, even if a part that does not exist in week 20, how can I label week 20 in the graph .


              2. Next I want to put an action from Top supplier sheet to top parts sheet. Now, if I am clicking only one week of a particular supplier, it shows me top 10 parts for that supplier for that week only. What I wanted to visualize is if I click on either of the week, it visualizes both the week.